Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

How many of us go about our business, day in and day out, doing the same things over and over again—work, school, kids, cleaning, cooking, sleep, repeat? In this kind of routine, we can often start to feel quite small, and our lives may lose some of the meaning they once held for us.

Becoming a part of something bigger than ourselves can remedy this situation. This does not necessarily mean joining a religion or spiritual practice, though that absolutely can satisfy this Living To Do item. Meditating every day, doing yoga or tai chi, praying, or connecting to a higher power can help you feel more connected to the universe or your creator, giving you more meaning in your days.

But what if you want something more tangible—something that you feel like connects you with other people, and makes a difference? You could definitely join a church, synagogue, or other spiritual membership with other people. You could also start your own spiritual group—such as a club in which you examine different faiths, read spiritual novels, and discuss topics together. You could also simply support one another.

You could also help others in a big way, like giving bone marrow, or building a home for a needy family with an organization like Habitat for Humanity. You could establish a regular practice of volunteering, giving back to the community on a regular basis.

The kind of something bigger I want to be a part of is in regards to the world itself. I have “liberate someone” on my Living to Do list, and that has meant different things to me over the years. Lately, it means to free a slave—a person sold through human trafficking—with a donation to Free the Slaves. Today I found out that for less than $400 you can help someone achieve their freedom. That, to me, is staggering.

It’s staggering to know that human trafficking happens to begin with, isn’t it? We like to think that slavery is over and done with, though it’s anything but. To know that $376 could save someone from being a sex slave, a mining slave, or other unpaid, beaten worker really just blows my mind. We really could free these people—as a country, as citizens, as people of the world. If we could raise money to do this like people do for cancer, we could free hundreds, if not thousands, of people—a truly sobering thought while it’s so close for Independence Day for our own country.

What bigger than you activity do you want to be a part of?