Becoming less of a head case

Becoming less of a head case

Finding focus through meditation

When most people think of living to do, and trying to achieve new things, they have tangible goals, I believe a large part of the equation is becoming a full person. For me, this involves looking introspectively at who I am, and what growths and changes I want to make to be the person I’m proud to be. Introspection in itself is a task, but when one masters this, the real fun begins.

One personal trait I posses and would like to work on is that I’m a complete head case. I tend to be in my head more often than I am in the real world, and this translates to not always speaking up, having trouble staying in the moment and a plethora of other issues.

While it is hard to be a head case, I do believe every issue has a solution. For me, I think the real key is working on concentration. I find that much of my head casey-ness comes from my mind wandering. As soon as I let it slip, I feel as if I’m gone for days…or at least long enough to miss out on the current moment.

For me, I believe the answer is meditation. Doing this on a daily basis, starting with a small amount of time will help me gain focus, stay in the moment, and be in control of my thoughts. So far I’ve spent three days at a meditation clinic and am currently reading up on best practices toward mindfulness. Here’s to staying in the present!