Create a life list

Create a life list

You’ve got one to-do list; how about one of what you’ve already done?

I am a huge fan of Laura Grace Weldon. She is incredibly inspirational in the homeschooling world; I am reading and loving her book, Free Range Learning, right now. Today Weldon shared a post on her blog about creating life lists that I thought would be very appropriate to share on our Living to Do space here.

When we make Living to Do lists, we list things we want to do in our lives—travel the world, touch a llama, make maple syrup, whatever (yes, these are all from my own list!). Laura’s life lists, however, are about the things that we have already done in our lives that make them so special as they are right now.This is so powerful to me because it allows us to acknowledge all of the amazing things we’ve already done. So what if you haven’t seen the Eiffel Tower yet? You’ve already had a child or saved an animal from death or heard an ancient tale from a grandparent or read a book that changed the way you view your life or…! There are so many things we can list about our lives that allow us to really see not only what we’ve accomplished, which is nice, but more importantly, what we value and how lucky we already are today.

Weldon suggests creating different lists for different themes—favorite movies, things in nature, and several other categories can be found at her website. I love that idea, but I also think you could make a general list of “100 Things I Have Done!” or “50 Moments That Moved Me.” I also think that we could all not only save time but also make more authentic lists if we did this list before we make our Living To Do/ Bucket Lists (now I tell you, right?).

That way, we can really evaluate what we’ve already done and decide if we really do need to drink champagne in Champagne, or if it’s really just a prosaic notion in and of itself and that drinking said champagne on New Year’s Eve beneath a warm, glowing Christmas tree with our partner, slowly kissing each other and tasting the sweet bubbles as Dick Clark makes his final countdown—and not even realizing it would be the last time we heard him as we luxuriously savored the beginning of yet another year together, celebrating something both well-known and brand-new again—is really enough already.