A Crunch-Worthy Bucket List

A Crunch-Worthy Bucket List

Now that I know what the term crunchy means, I want to start a whole crunchy bucket list! As I previously stated, I think I’m about a 70% crunchy mom, but that might be a high estimate. I know I eat out too much, for starters—I have a huge Subway thing at the moment, especially with the $5 foot longs available with my cucumber-and-cheese sandwich—and my house, which is old and in need of repair, is far from being as sustainable as it could be. With these things and others in mind, I am hereby adding a bunch of crunch-worthy items to my bucket list.

To qualify as crunch-worthy, I think the items should be related to environmental sustainability, ethics, parenting, and health. Ethics, of course, could be a wide ranging area, including things like peace, boycotting unethical businesses (as I had to remind my husband today that we’re boycotting Auto Zone for their anti-gay tactics when he wanted to check a car battery there; we have other shops we can go to), or simply standing up against injustice when we witness it.

So what would your crunchy bucket list include? Here are a few ideas that I’ll be adding to mine.

  • Grow our own food on a long-term basis. I would love a small greenhouse, but with it or without, I want to learn how to successfully grow food! The only things we’ve been able to grow on our own are tomatoes, peppers, and one lonely little strawberry. This year I really want to learn how to do it right.
  • Live in sustainable housing. I think the reason we don’t yet is because my goals keep shifting. One day I want a cozy tudor style; the next, a farmhouse. Lately, I have wanted a hobbit house, something my daughter, of course, fully supports! Whatever we end up with, I want it to be cheap and running on clean energy.
  • Buy sustainable and organic when we can. We are on a limited income and cannot always do this, but I want to increase what we do already—as well as continue cutting back on what we buy overall.
  • Kick milk and make our own food as much as possible. My husband’s really the only one who is still drinking milk regularly, so that is up to him; my daughter and I have recently switched back to almond milk.

What would your crunchy bucket list include? Be sure to post it here!