Curing Adultitis

Curing Adultitis

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, with nothing to look forward to but bedtime (or, like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, your daily morning masturbation in the shower), you’re not alone. Plenty of people suffer from an affliction called adultitis—too much adulthood!

Luckily there is still hope for those affected with this horrible disease; though it can be cured, it can often come back, so it’s important to have an arsenal of remedies on hand just in case. Here is your handy-dandy Adultitis Remedy Kit:

Kim and Jason’s Blog: This is where you can find out all about adultitis, its symptoms, and if you suffer from this very common illness. You can also follow Kim and Jason’s blog, read their cartoons, dive into their challenges, take a quiz to see if you have adultitis yourself, and basically do all you can to cure yourself (or anyone you love who may be afflicted with the dreaded adultitis disease).

Toys: Having a few simple toys on hand can help get rid of a bout of adultitis. In my own arsenal, I keep plenty of art supplies (crayons, paper, glue, oil pastels, colored pencils, ink pens, clay, play dough, moon sand, beads, googly eyes, etc.), several toys disguised as knick knacks around and on my desk (ET, an Einstein bobble head, a dinosaur skeleton, a jar of origami stars I continually add to, the Cheshire Cat, etc.), a Rubik’s Cube, and other odds and ends around me at all times. My husband keeps plenty of small racing cars, model cars, and a remote control helicopter on hand.

Your Calendar: Yes, you need this—to plan some fun things! Grab it right now and, with a pen, write in something fun for you to do this week. Whether it’s riding a bike, getting your nails done, visiting the library, or even traveling somewhere new, plan it and do it.

Whimsy: You need plenty of whimsy in your life to avoid adultitis. Try throwing in crayons with your cutlery, or tape up some colorful art inside your cabinets so every time you open them, you get a burst of color. (We have fairytale creatures in ours.) Glue a dinosaur to your dashboard. Toss a neon pillow into the backseat of your car for impromptu naps during your lunch break—or just to remind you to take it easy.

What’s your cure for adultitis? Share your remedies and preventative measures below.