Do Something Brave This Month

Do Something Brave This Month

Think of the thing that scares you the most; now give it a big hug!

I kid. I really do love the idea of doing something that scares you—even every day, as Eleanor Roosevelt suggested, unless you have a heart condition; in that case, I would advise you to try not to get scared, ever. It’s a way to make sure we’re really living; that we don’t miss out on things that life has to offer. It’s also a great way to ensure that we die with no regrets, with no “What ifs?” on our brains as we leave this world, wondering what it would have been like if we had conquered a fear.

Take flying, for example. I love flying. I cannot imagine what it would be like to live a life without ever having done it. But I know plenty of people who are so scared to fly that they’ll never experience that joy—or travel somewhere incredible due to that limitation. Talk about missing out! My father conquered his fear of flying when I was in high school and he thought it was pretty cool, even if he was still scared—and still prefers not to fly. At least he can say he did it, and he won’t regret having not done it in his lifetime.

One of my favorite parenting blogs, Magical Childhood, is issuing a challenge to do something that scares you throughout the month of February. Have each member of the house choose a few things to do, then decide upon a big family reward—like a special trip or event—as the final prize when the challenges are complete. The family who keeps the blog is embarking on a whopping twenty challenges each! They say you can do as many as you wish, however, so feel free to do less—or more!

Some suggestions are offered at the website, which include things like jumping in the deep end, or sleeping with the lights out. I could see how these would be incredibly brave for some people! I have completed a few of these challenges in my lifetime, too—such as singing in public (I had two very, very nervous solos in choir) and getting a daring haircut (I shaved my head to nearly one inch all around my junior year). Just keep in mind that the challenges should be doable and safe, and if you have a true phobia, don’t make that a challenge unless you really, truly want to.

What sorts of challenges would you give yourself? What would you have to be really brave to do? I think I’ll finally face my fear of rejection and submit a novel for publishing this month, among other things! Let me know how your challenges go by commenting here, or simply write your own post.