How to Live Your Life Freely

How to Live Your Life Freely

Newsflash! You know who views your Facebook profile the most?


Just look in the mirror.

Other people can't feel your pain. They will only know about your issues if you tell them about them. Otherwise… it’s only you who has to keep all that negative energy stored up. This is why we vent. So we can take all that stored energy inside us and offload it onto someone (who's usually) unaffected by the situation.

Why does this work? Why are there therapists and counselors? No one else is seeing the world the way you are, but you. Therefore, you make your own rules.

But not realizing this is what lines the pockets of those overpriced quacks.

What if you never had issues, what if you let painful images from the past present themselves right in your face and you just ... Let them go?

We have evolved into a species that now thrives in a society with very little physical danger, the protective energies within us have adopted toward defending us psychologically, rather than physiologically.

Ultimately, you are on a spinning rock floating through space and you're worried about waking up for work in time tomorrow, worried you didn't brush your teeth this morning, and the cashier was rude to you at the grocery store today. It's not healthy. If your body were as sensitive as your mind, you'd probably be constantly sick.

If you steer away from certain topics with friends or worry about farting in public, you will never grow. You will never be free that way. It's absurd that our society micromanages such psychological tendencies, but so it is.

We have evolved to have a hypersensitive psyche. We'll constantly direct our attention to it. We'll throw our energy into closing around it to protect ourselves even though no actual physical pain is taking place.

Once you get that you cannot grow until you stop protecting yourself psychologically, you can truly be free. These are the thoughts I have drawn based on reading, book: The Untethered Soul. Buy it on amazon here.