The importance of mentors and role models

The importance of mentors and role models

Tips for your quarter-life crisis

I turned 25 this year. For those older than 25, this isn’t a big feat. For those around my age, though, 25 is when you start to feel old and have a quarter life crisis.

While going through said crisis, I started to read a lot of articles about being this age, and how to really get the best out of this time in life. One article in particular was from a Christian group, and had a lot of tips that opened my eyes. There were talks of taking courses, having free time, and making sure not to fall into the happy hour mentality (not saying don’t do it at all, but just don’t let it control your 20s.) The tip that stuck out to me most though, was finding a good mentor or role model.

I’ve been blessed to have some great people around me while growing up, but I’ve never actually had a mentor. I’ve had people help me and take interest, but I’ve never had a go to person, that is until I realize that I have two in my parents. Though my Dad inspires me just as much, my Mother is the person I think that fits this category best for me. She hasn’t had a specific path, but in nearly 60 years of life has worked some amazing jobs, been a small business owner, and is now pursuing her Masters degree, and possibly a PhD. She has a drive, which has yet to subside throughout the years.

Finding a mentor and role model is an important step of progression and living with intention. Find someone who fits this role for you and make it a priority to spend a fair amount of time with them. You’ll be thankful in the end.