Learning to defeat my addiction to the Internet and multi-tasking

Learning to defeat my addiction to the Internet and multi-tasking

Take small steps to focus on individual tasks.

I hate to admit it, but trying to be a writer, you know, in the age where you don’t use a typewriter, has become quite difficult. It isn’t necessarily that I lack content ideas or am missing the words I need to illustrate a thought. It is the damn compass button at the bottom of my computer that connects me to the World Wide Web.

Being born in the age of computers, I’ve been attached to the Internet since I was around 12. It started innocently enough, with instant messaging my friends, but once college rolled around, things changed. Social media, silly cat videos and the emergence of memes made it nearly impossible for someone computer savvy to have an attention span long enough to sit down and write. The Internet is corrupting our minds.

All satire aside, multi-tasking and Internet addiction are blocks in the road of production. Be it procrastinating for tests or just having a hard time focusing at work, both these issues can really hinder a person from achieving their true potential. Multi-tasking doesn’t actually save time, and the Internet, if not used correctly, can be a huge time suck. But all it takes to help curb these issues is a little self-restraint.

Taking small steps to focus on individual tasks is the cure to the ailments above. Making simple lifestyle changes, such as keeping your laptop or computer out of the bedroom, not watching TV or reading while eating, or even ceasing to open multiple tabs while surfing the internet, are changes that can increase production.

Though it may be easier said then done, learning to focus fully and keep off of the net is possible, even in this technologically obsessed existence.