Learning to let go

Learning to let go

Burn your problems with a traditional Chinese ritual.

The more I knock off travel destinations from my Bucket List, I find it starting to fill up more and more with personal growth items. This week, when having a lot of free time to think on an island in the Mekong River, I realized a new addition. I want to learn to let go.

Though I’m not a person to hold a grudge, I am a person who has a hard time forgetting things, and truly letting them go. I can forgive people quickly, but the remnants of someone wronging me, or experiencing past sorrow, seem to linger. I find myself becoming a bit scared history will repeat itself, which ends up holding power over me and my well-being.

Having grown up in a religious family, and being used to rituals as an athlete, one way to help me grow is to create rituals, or ostentatious motions, of letting go. One example I found (through mad googling skills) is actually burning your problems. What this entails is creating some sort of vessel, filling it with sheets of paper saying what you want to move on from, and burning that mother down to the ground! As crazy as it seems, it is derived from Chinese culture, and is best if you can create something like a lamp that floats away.

Pyrotechnics aside, I’ve already started to feel the weight of the past slowly dwindle. It may take time, but movement, action and ritual all are becoming key pieces in my own growth. It seems to be, that all it takes to attain the growth we search for, is a little introspection, and a lot of patience.