On the List: Driving really fast!

On the List: Driving really fast!

You see them doing it in car commercials and you know you want to.

Every one of us has seen it in numerous commercials.  There’s a car (usually the one that the commercial is trying to sell) and it’s racing at top speed down some twisting highway in the middle of an amazing mountain or hill landscape. 

The car cruises effortlessly along, taking the turns as if there were a professional at the wheel (and make no mistake, there is).  Meanwhile, at the bottom of the picture is a bit of fine print that says something to the effect of “This was done on a closed road by a professional.  Do not try this on your own.”

I say, screw that warning ad.  Before I go, I want a fast car and I want to take it on the best curvy (but not crazy curvy) road I can find.  If I need to put up false roadblocks to keep people off my race track while I’m doing it, then I most certainly will.  Better yet, I’ll take my super-fast vehicle for a ride along the Autobahn.  That’s one of the coolest roads ever.

I’ve always had a fear of cars, or at least riding in them as opposed to driving them.  I think it has something to do with the lack of control.  As a result of this, I’ve always been a very cautious driver.  Twenty miles over the speed limit is about as fast as I’ll take it, and then only as long as the wind isn’t kicking up too bad.  So to finally break from that pattern and just push a very fast car to the brink would be the ultimate rush.

Sure, I might wipe out and end up as a dull red smear across the asphalt, but it would be worth it.  As much as it would be safer to hire a professional to drive and just go along for the ride, it’s not the same.  To be able to hurtle down the highway with nothing more than your own wits and skills to keep you from crashing - that’s the sort of thing that living life is about.  Pure adrenaline and your life on the line in pursuit of a unique and intense experience.

Will I ever get to this part of my bucket list?  Probably not.  I’m way too much of a chicken to do something like this unless I could afford many months of training.  Despite my love of the rush, I’ve still got too many things to do before I go out.  Maybe when I’m 70 or 80 I’ll see things a bit differently though.  I can always hope.