On the List: Living in a war zone

On the List: Living in a war zone

My next entry on the bucket list is something that most people spend their entire lives trying to avoid - exposure to war and tragedy.  In my defense, however, I insist that no human being can truly experience the totality of existence without living in a region whereby they must look directly into the eye of the horrors than men are capable of.

Most of us here in the United States (and the Western world in general) have it pretty easy.  Food is readily available, shelter is rarely a problem and, even in the midst of a recession, we can always find at least a poorly paying job in order to keep ourselves alive.  I am not arguing that we don’t have our own degree of strife, poverty and violence, but it is simply not at the same level that people in war zones or famine-stricken countries have to deal with.

My goal in going to a war zone (or other aptly suffering area) would be to document my experience.  By living side-by-side and experiencing the same hardships

 that some others do, I would hope to gain a true understanding of it.  In understanding I might be able to capture its essence on film and relay the truth of the matter to the rest of the world.  Communications being what they are today, it’s not hard to distribute such things across the face of the Earth.

It’s definitely not without its risks, but few of the greatest things that one can do in life are risk-free.  Helping my fellow human beings by documenting their plight and, if lucky, bringing attention to it, would be an act worthy of living for.  And, if fate chose to make it so, worthy of dying for.  It may seem idealistic or even foolish, but at least one mark that every human being should make 

on the world is one that helps the world move forward and become a better place for all.