On the List: Owning a Bar

On the List: Owning a Bar

Cause who doesn’t want to own a place where everybody knows their name?

Ever since I first turned 21 and started hitting the bars and nightclubs, I’ve always found them to be not quite up to my standards.  No matter how nice a place is, in the back of my head is always a nagging sensation that if I were in charge, it would be so much better.  Of course, I’ve never run one of these places before, so I haven’t the slightest idea if a place I put together would suck or not, but I’m reasonably sure I could turn out a pretty damn good place to hang out.  My goal, before I reach an age where having a drink will straight-up kill me, is to design and run my own bar or nightclub.

There’s something about being the man who serves the drinks that makes a bar even more appealing to me.  I’ve done some time as a bartender and I’ve always loved the interactions you get to have with the customers.  People really open up when you happen to control all the booze.  Add to that a few drinks to lubricate the conversation and whole worlds of life experience are opened to you, the loyal and faithful bartender.

Not to mention that in putting your own bar together you can really make it into something that embodies everything that you feel a drinking establishment should be.  Me, I’ve always wanted one of those old-school speak-easy type clubs with the big band playing on stage and cute waitresses in short cocktail dresses.  I could walk around with a cigar in my mouth like some sort of gangster, carousing with the patrons and making sure everybody was having a good time.  It would be like the 20s all over again - though I missed it the first time.

Taking the idea a step further (and a step beyond just pure self-indulgence), starting your own business of any sort need not be just a means to an end.  A business can be a method of self-expression and, ultimately, a work of art.  Picking out the right building in the right location and filling it with everything it needs to fulfill your vision of perfection is like designing your own little world.  It is a world from your mind that you invite people in to so that they may take a break from all their worries and experience a piece of who you are even as you learn more about who they are.  A bar would be my personal choice, but I’m sure everyone out there has some business idea that appeals to them in a way that means more than just having a steady paycheck every month.