On the List: Sail across the ocean

On the List: Sail across the ocean

I remember a day, a long, long time ago, when I was just a child.  It was on this day that I had what would be my first and only experience riding a vessel that road across water as opposed to earth or air.  I have always had a bit of fear concerning open water, being that I am not the best swimmer in the world, so taking part in an activity such as sailing (or even surfing) held little appeal.  Now that I’m coming along in years, I feel the need to revisit this experience.  And not just a simple whale-watching tour like I did when I was a young lad, but a full-fledged trip across the ocean, from the coast of one continent to the next.

I don’t know much about boats.  Well, to be honest I know absolutely nothing about them other than what I’ve managed to learn from watching pirate movies.  Consequently, I’d want to bring someone along with me.  That ruins the point of the trip in a small way, but it’s probably better than getting lost at sea (or not even being able to leave the dock).

My goal in being in the middle of hundreds of miles of open water would be to enjoy that beautiful solitude.  One can have similar meditations in places such as the wide-open desert, but I don’t think it would be quite the same.  The ocean is a potentially dangerous beast and can rise up to consume you at any time.  Add to that my fear of drowning and it could by quite cathartic.

I’d probably have to debate whether a simple sailboat or a yacht would be the best course.  While all the amenities that a yacht has could be much more comfortable in the long run, I’m afraid that I’d really just end up below decks playing X-BOX all day if that option were available.  Sure it would be safer, but the point of the trip would be lost.

I think everyone should spend some time at sea, especially considering it covers a large majority of our planet.  One of these days I shall find that boat and make my journey and perhaps even make it to the other side of wide open sea.  And when that time comes, I just hope that the ship’s captain is a cute, single lady instead of some old crusty sailor with a peg leg and a parrot.