On the List: Underwater Shipwreck Exploration

On the List: Underwater Shipwreck Exploration

Deep beneath the surface of the oceans and seas lie some of the most amazing remnants of history that will never been seen by most human beings.  Even those that would like a look can rarely get the opportunity to explore the world of underwater shipwrecks.  The skill involved to go diving and the sometimes extreme regulations on who can dive and where is enough to discourage most interested parties.  Still, if one knows where to look, shipwreck diving can be an adventurous experience and definitely deserves to be on everyone’s bucket list.

Unfortunately, most of the best wrecks are strictly off-limits.  They are considered archaeological sites and unless you work for the companies in charge of excavating and preserving them, you are highly unlikely to get a (legal) chance to view them.  On the plus side, there are several wrecks, including full graveyards of ships, which are serviced by tour groups that allow people the chance to not only find some of the coolest sites but provide them with 

everything they need to explore them.  Often these tours have glass-bottomed boats, so people with less inclination to get into the water can enjoy the show as well.

The joy of underwater wreck diving is motivated by more than just seeing a sunken ship up close.  One gets to explore the chambers of the wrecks as if they were any dry-land ruin.  Also, many forms of sea life make their home in and around the wrecks, adding one more exciting element to the journey.  Not to mention the wondrous landscape of the ocean floor.

While it might seem more exciting to just find a wreck and dive it yourself, the tours are probably the best way to go unless you’re 

a professional.  Figuring out where to find a site might be easy enough, but soloing a dive into an unfamiliar area can be quite dangerous.  Danger can be a welcome addition to a bucket list, but sometimes it’s better to just experience something and leave the death-defying for another day.

If you’re not afraid of the water, look toward some wreck diving in the future.  Once you’re lost in the dimly lit depths of water and ruins, you’ll hardly be disappointed with what you find.