No list required

No list required

Some of the best things in life are often the simplest.

When people think of living their life to the fullest, the mind often settles on thoughts of a bucket list or something similar, focusing on all those things that we want to get done before we finish our time here on Earth. 

But there is more to living than just collecting experiences that are unique or dynamic.  There are thousands of little things going on every day that people often overlook, things that make life what it is in a day-to-day way.  It is these things that we should never forget to pay attention to, for avoiding the simple experiences can be just as bad as putting off the amazing ones.


If you don’t remember to enjoy each tiny piece of life, the forgotten can often return in the form of regrets - all those things you meant to get to but procrastinated until the chance was gone.  I’m talking about such simple experiences as spending time sleeping next to your pet before their time is up, or sleeping next to your son or daughter before they’re old enough to tell you to leave them alone. 

Or staying up all night to watch the sun rise with someone you care about, even though you have to work the next day.  Or listening to your grandparents talk about their lives before they’re no longer around to spin those tales.

There are too many distractions in our life and we are frequently told by those around us to “be responsible.”  Responsibility, however, comes with drawbacks, and those are often the excuses we use to not do those things we know we really want to.  We tell ourselves that we’ll get to it tomorrow, or that we’ll set aside time in the future.  We look at our empty wallets and then push aside having fun in favor of saving up for a bigger television set.  The less important things in life take precedence and we eventually become lost.

If you really want to fill out the best bucket list, there’s no reason to make a list at all.  Just stay aware of what’s gong on around you and remember to not put things off.  Don’t delay, even when responsibility calls you to do other things. 

Each one of us has a finite time on this planet, and we never know when we’re going to go or when someone close to us will no longer be in our lives.  Thus must we always stay conscious of the fact that as each moment passes it is gone forever and that how we experienced that moment was our own choice.