Toys aren’t just for children

Toys aren’t just for children

Ideas for taking advantage of every moment.

Thirty percent of a person’s life is spent waiting. Take a second for that statistic to sink in. Now let it slip away because I made that statistic up, but even with it being just a random number, a lot of time is spent waiting in each one of our lives. Maybe it’s waiting for a bus, a loved one, or rain to secede. Regardless, wouldn’t it be a grand idea to take advantage of some of this lost time?

As children, we traveled everywhere with toys. We would hide toys in our school bag, bring something to play with at a long, boring dinner, or if you had a big family and sat at the end of the pew, even tried to sneak your Game Boy into church. Though these days may have passed, the sentiment behind the action is something we shouldn’t overlook.

While traveling in the developing world, things always go wrong. You learn quickly that one hour can turn into 24 in no time. From this, I’ve learned to travel with something I not only can do, but really want to do, to make sure my time waiting is time spent well.

Though I’m quite content to write or read, the possibilities are endless for items one can bring to keep themselves occupied. It doesn’t even need to be something tangible if you are charming and keen to make conversation!

Don’t let precious time go to waste. Carry a bag and bring whatever it is you need to enjoy time that most people just see as miserable. You’ll feel better for doing it and find that there are even more hours in the day then you previously believed.