Turning your morning commute into personal time

Turning your morning commute into personal time

Consider walking, biking, carpooling or busing

Ah, the morning commuters. For some, this is the worst 15 minutes to two hours of their day. It is often spent angry, stressed and hoping that if they switch lanes one more time, the lane will magically go faster than any of the other stopped up lanes. If this resembles your commute, maybe it’s time to change up your routine and take back those wasted hours of your day.

Though it can be difficult for some people, many peoples’ morning commutes are becoming a time for them to enjoy. They own this time but deciding to either commute to work by means of foot (such as walking, biking, skating, etc.) or putting in the extra effort, or extra time, to commute by some means of public transportation. Though in the short run may add some hassle, in the long run can literally save you hours of your life.

Those who walk or bike places, though it takes extra time, are often heard saying they feel like they have more hours in the day. The time spent on the move is personal time for them, where they can be with their thoughts, or plug into their favorite music or podcast. In the same regard, time spent being driven in a bus or train is time where you aren’t behind the wheel, and can be used to read, write or even get some more sleep. Those who commute don’t deal with the stresses of traffic, and have more free time.

Though small lifestyle changes will be needed to adopt new commuting habits, the benefits outweigh the hassle by a long shot. Take back those hours of your life, it’s easy, healthy and fun.