Working at an island bar and not becoming an alchy

Working at an island bar and not becoming an alchy

More running and less fruity drinks

While traveling in Asia, I’ve heard a lot of stories of people working in guest houses, restaurants and bars for room and board, as well as free booze. Most of the time, backpackers will find a place they like to stay, and to extend their trip while not wasting any cash, will exchange a few hours of work a day for the above salary. No money is exchanged, but both the business and the traveler profit from one another.  

Though I’ve yet to actually exchange labor for room, board and booze, I’ve decided that when my funds run short, I want to work in a bar on a secluded island. I’ve found a few good places to work at, mostly in southern Cambodia, but my fear is that I’ll fall into the island daze.

To avoid the constant stream of intoxication, but still live and labor in paradise, I’ve come up with a few rules. First, late evening or sunset runs each night. I know that if I hold off on my daily run until the evening, the temptation to drink or ingest green fruit loops will be overcome by my addiction to exercise.

Secondly, fruity drinks only a few nights a week. When drinking beer, I know what I’m getting into. I fill up quick and I know my limits. Finally, I’m going to remember that I’m not a reggae singer and I’ve never been to Jamaica. Though the great state I was born in just legalized it, it has never been high (haha get it?) priority on my agenda.

Though island mentality is hard to stave off, these rules will help me to keep my life from turning into The Beach. Paradise ho!