Yo-Yo and Skilled Toys Week

Yo-Yo and Skilled Toys Week

Have you ever wanted to master the art of the yo-yo? How about cup in a ball? March 1 through 7 is “Yo-Yo and Skilled Toys Week,” a perfect time to do just these things!

Check to see which toys are on your list (or add some that you’d like to master) and then research ways to really become a pro at your toy of choice. Here are some resources that might help.


Use this video and tutorial to learn how to do the basics.

Try this tutorial for some easy tricks, such as The Sleeper, Walk the Dog, Gravity Pull, and more.

Hula Hoop

Buy your own for cheap at your local store or toy store and start hooping! Click here for some good tips on buying your own hula hoop.

Learn some basic hula hoop moves here. Play around with your new hoop and create your own! (Note: do not set your hoop on fire. Ever.)

Rubik’s Cube

I got one of these babies for Christmas two years ago and am still trying to figure the thing out! Maybe Will Smith could show me how. Or I could use some of these pointers:

This smarty pants has the whole thing done in a series of videos. (Well done, dude!) But to me, it just feels like cheating as I watch…

This site takes you through the whole thing in stages, so it’s like you’re only getting tips. For example, you could just find out how to get through the first stage and take it from there.