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Using travel to progress

Recognizing what makes you happy while on the road

Having been unemployed and traveling for the last few months, I’ve found myself with lots of time to ponder life. Like many kids in my age range (20-30s), I’m quite confused on what I want to do with life. I’m well educated, have a decent amount of job experience, but can’t find a fair-paying job that doesn’t involve serving food or slanging booze. The choice to travel came on a whim after working a desk job for too long, and I must say, I’ve been happier ever since.

What has made this trip important for me is that, besides worrying about budget and where I will rest my head for the night, I’ve thought a lot about future. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many travelers around my age, as well as much older and younger, and gained a plethora of insight on ways to stay afloat while abroad. It’s been a great way to learn about jobs I didn’t know existed, and to see how people can travel and be functioning members of society.

With traveling comes a large amount of free time. This time can be spent in many ways, all the way from boozing to sightseeing. For those wanting to progress, though, it’s a great time to reflect on values, goals and what makes you happy. Like the John Lennon quote plastered all over the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, the job all people should aspire to is that of being happy, and true happiness comes at the price of knowing yourself.