Learning through Failure
Attempting to tube the Arrawaddy River
Sep 17, 2012
On the List: Owning a Bar
Cause who doesn’t want to own a place where everybody knows their name?
Sep 8, 2012
The importance of mentors and role models
Tips for your quarter-life crisis
Aug 29, 2012
Using travel to progress
Recognizing what makes you happy while on the road
Aug 27, 2012
On the list: Hike around the world
Bucket list priority
Aug 17, 2012
Living with intentions
Make your actions count.
Aug 17, 2012
Make a soundtrack to your life
It’s going to be a movie someday anyway, so why not?
Aug 17, 2012
Riding a bike through Southeast Asia
Aug 8, 2012
Revolving bucket lists
Aug 4, 2012
Traveling for an Extended Period of Time
"What made this journey possible was taking the initiative to save and plan"
Jul 26, 2012
Create a life list
You’ve got one to-do list; how about one of what you’ve already done?
Jul 15, 2012
On the List: Sail across the ocean
Jul 14, 2012
Drive a motor home across the country
Jul 1, 2012
On the List: Underwater Shipwreck Exploration
Jun 16, 2012
On the List: Living in a war zone
Jun 9, 2012