How to Actually Lose Weight

How to Actually Lose Weight

How do you think you’ll feel after you eat a big old fatty bacon double cheeseburger and a side of greasy fries covered in salt? Then you wash all this down with a coke. That all sounds so delicious… in theory. In reality though, I bet after that meal, you’re going to feel tired, sluggish, and you may even want a nap.

I can recall pounding this meal, back in high school, typically before my dance practice and yep, the last thing I wanted to be doing during warm ups was calisthenics and stretches. I would have preferred just sitting on the sidelines, benching it. Incredibly thirsty, because of all the salt, fat and sugar I had just eaten.

I wasn’t fat, but I wasn’t healthy either. Eating healthy is quite the lifestyle change. If you truly seek to have a healthy body, you will lose weight. If you do it for cosmetic reasons, to gain a flatter stomach for example. Your reasoning is superficial and therefore you should only expect short term results. How short? You will succeed for as long as you desire to have that washboard stomach.

Then, when motivation is lagging, you’ll probably reach for the pizza or ice cream and find yourself unhappy once again. For true change to happen, you have to have the desire to be healthy, not just slim and sexy.

You have to desire to eat well knowing it will be fulfilling your body with tons of nutrients and trace minerals. You’ll have a healthier state of mind by default. You won’t want to go to sleep after eating. This is not how we should feel after eating anyway. Food was originally intended for fuel, not fun.

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