July 2009

Don't Forget the Sexy Stuff!

Almost everyone’s bound to have something sexy on their Living To-Do List. And why not? Sex is a healthy part of life, if taken seriously and responsibly, and there are plenty of things out there to satisfy anyone’s cup of tea.

I have a smattering of sexy things sprinkled throughout my own list, and while I’m not going to specifically mention them out of respect for my hubby, I am going to list a few suggestions that you may want to have on your own list. (Yes, it’s safe to say that at least a couple of these are on my list!)

Please don’t be offended if this list seems to be directed at only monogamous relationships, as I’m writing from my own perspective and experience (in some cases). If you have any other experiences you’d like to share please feel free to do so.

See a 100, Read 100, Do 100

One of the most popular items that seems to be showing up on Living To-Do Lists everywhere is the “100 List.” I have a couple of these on my own Living To Do List—see 100 Oscar-nominated films as well as read 100 pieces of great classical literature. Though these seem like huge items—as if they are 100 things on your list rather than a single item each!—in reality, they’re both things that you’ve probably already completed at least partially.

The Wish List

Now that I’ve seen The Bucket List and subsequently seen dozens of people’s bucket lists popping up here and there, I’m now noticing another format to the Living To-Do List—the Wish List. My aunt, who was reading a fictional book by the same title, told me about her own Wish List.

“Your wish list?” I asked, thinking it would be things to buy at Wal-Mart or things for my husband to do, like rearrange furniture. “Things to buy or things to do?”

“Things to do,” she told me, and showed me a list of twenty things she’d like to do—ranging from picnicking at the local park to seeing so many movies in a theater.

Ahh. A Living To-Do List! I was pretty excited to see that she’d started her own—I’m a bit proponent of people making their own lists—and it got me thinking about a book I’d bought when I was in the hospital called The Wish List.

Go Swimming with… Something

A lot of people have “Swimming with Dophins” on their Living To-Do Lists, and I don’t blame them; dolphins are gorgeous, intelligent creatures that seem to like to have fun on their own. (How many other animals are famous for using orgies to bond?)

Having visited Sea World, I had the chance to pet a dolphin, and I felt more pity than awe. There were just droves and droves of people surrounding this aquarium, which made the dolphins seem more like they were trapped in cages than anything else. And perhaps they were.

So that killed my dream of swimming with dolphins right there—but that doesn’t mean that it should necessarily kill anyone else’s. I’m sure there are plenty of establishments where dolphins are given more room to breathe—and to swim.