November 2009

Deface Something

Sometimes you just have to deface something.

What I’m talking about here is the legal destruction of something on your own terms, for your own artistic benefit (or outlet)—not, say, spray painting an overpass, as a redneck might do, to declare your love or defend your sister’s honor.

For example, we recently purchased a box of facial tissues that was way too “pretty.” I like pretty things—new books, lilies, a clean house—but this was just nauseating. It was a white box with very delicate-looking roses and whatnot on the side, resembling something in an eighty-year-old woman’s house. All that was missing was maybe a doily and a fat old cat.

Countries are robbing us blind under are eyes

Do you realize that Russia, South America, and hundreds more are running scam networks all over our country, under our nose, on the internet. They are taking advantage of our poor and elderly, and are taking all of their extra money. Not to mention, some of us who are working. Luckily, I found out they were a scam, and deleted them. Their are so many ways that they are draining our country dry, to many to even mention. I believe that is the way they expect to kill the US goverment, is to break it. Without money, we have no defense. When we are broke, they are going to attack. We need to strenghthen ourselves by not buying foreign goods, refusing to buy foreign goods, and be more proactive as to what we sign up for on the internet. Insure it is not from a foreign country. Buy US stuff only and strenghthen America. Thats what our forefathers fought hard for, and we are giving it away. Be smart, Be wise, and be an American, and put a stop to all of this.