February 2010

Yo-Yo and Skilled Toys Week

Have you ever wanted to master the art of the yo-yo? How about cup in a ball? March 1 through 7 is “Yo-Yo and Skilled Toys Week,” a perfect time to do just these things!

Check to see which toys are on your list (or add some that you’d like to master) and then research ways to really become a pro at your toy of choice. Here are some resources that might help.


Use this video and tutorial to learn how to do the basics.

Try this tutorial for some easy tricks, such as The Sleeper, Walk the Dog, Gravity Pull, and more.

Hula Hoop

Change Your Life in 365 Days

If you buy one book this year—one book, that is, to make you laugh every day, add some absurdity to your life, and generally have a good time—Benrik’s This Book Will Change Your Life is it.

I bought this book years ago before I had my daughter and forgot all about it. Recently, while rescuing a few book tubs from my parents’ basement and bringing them to our house, I stumbled upon it and immediately started cracking up. If you can’t find at least a dozen things in this book to add to your Living To Do List, it’s a sad day, indeed.

You know your life isn’t complete until you eat nothing but asparagus for an entire day just to see how rancid your pee will get. Surreptitiously giving people the finger all day in lots of weird ways is sure to complete your life. And you know you’ve always wanted to make a 2-D voodoo doll!

Celebrate, Find, or Become Spiritual Teachers

February is Spiritual Teachers Month, a time to honor the spiritual teachers in our lives, find one if we are in need, or perhaps even become one.

Spiritual teachers can be found in many forms. A live, breathing guide is a wonderful person to have—you may find one of these at school, at church, or even within your own home. But spiritual teachers needn’t only be living, breathing people. Here are a few ways to learn more about spiritual teachers, find one for yourself, or even begin to become one.

You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls

First of all—what a fun book! This has to be the best Living To Do book (and I’ve bought or read quite a few) I’ve ever come across. Written by three sisters, You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls is a jumbo book filled with things to do—the cover page declares, “Dare to Dream, Learn Something New, Do Something Just for You!” And it’s not like any other Bucket List book you’ve ever read.

For one thing, it’s written by a woman who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The book was Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas’ dream, a dream her sisters—Vaughn Catuzzi Lohec and Dara Catuzzi Near—shared and supported. With its heartfelt introduction and explanation about Lauren’s wish, the nonprofits that were set up in her honor, and simply getting the most out of life, it would be hard not to jump right into the book with both feet—talk about inspiring.