July 2010

Float On... Or Move On

I think every time we get focused on something and stuck on it for so long that we feel like we’re drowning, we should all just listen to Modest Mouse’s “Float On” really loudly until we feel better. That always seems to work for me—at least temporarily.

If we can’t float on just yet, perhaps we need to work on simply moving on.  I’ve just been full of normally rare epiphanies this week—probably because I spent half of it ill and reading books in the bathroom—and one that I realized was that holding onto some very bitter entanglements was not serving me. In fact, it was holding me back.

Offer an Apology

Just as we know that forgiving and thanking people can help enrich our lives, so too can apologizing when we need to. In my family, we never learned the art of a good apology. After a fight was had, we would simply act like it had not happened the next day. This was extremely confusing for my sisters and me. Were we in trouble? Were Mom and Dad still fighting—or mad at us? How did we solve the problem?

Challenge An Old Belief

If you haven’t given some old beliefs a bit of thought, changed your mind at least once, or budged on an issue lately, you might be getting cobwebs in your brain. Changing your opinion doesn’t mean you’re wishy washy or weak, as some people would say; instead, it means that you are still learning, still becoming informed, and still thinking. In short, you are still alive!

Forgive Someone

Hopefully you’ve already added “Thank Someone” or its equivalent to your Living To Do List. We all definitely have people in our lives that we could thank for various things they’ve done for us; I could probably list 100 myself. We all, in turn, also have people we could probably forgive in our lives for harming us, too.

The thing about holding a grudge—besides being really creepy in that Sarah Michelle Gellar movie and its Japanese predecessor, which gave me nightmares for a month (go ahead and laugh, I don’t care! In fact, I forgive you)—is that it doesn’t hurt the person who harmed you. You can hold onto it until it boils and festers, and all it’s going to do is cause you more grief and pain. The person who harmed you isn’t affected by your feelings at all—you are.

Do Something…At Night!

It’s amazing how things change when you’re in the dark, isn’t it? The mundane becomes the mysterious, the ordinary the unknown. I, for one, always get spooked by things at night that would never make me think twice during the day—and I’m a self-professed night owl!

Going over my Living To Do list, I was just struck by the things I had listed that I wanted to do at night—build a snowman (check!), play Frisbee (haven’t done that one yet, though we did just purchase a Frisbee), and ride a roller coaster (check!) are just a few of them. What things would you like to do at night? Here are just a few ideas…

Get Started With Illustrated Journaling

"I'm saving that for when I retire."  A friend said that to me recently.  We were talking about illustrated journaling, which is something I used to do many years ago, before knitting and working freelance (i.e. every waking minute) consumed my life.

She said that she had always wanted to try illustrated journaling, but couldn't find the time.  Thus she had put it on her "to do" list for retirement.

"That's silly," I told her.  "You could die before you retire, and then how dumb would you feel?"  Maybe not the most sensitive of responses, but she laughed.  And it's true - we're always putting things off for tomorrow, next week, next year, after retirement.