August 2010

September is Self Improvement Month

Though September is Self Improvement Month, I am inclined to agree with author, creativity coach, artist, and general inspiration Jill Badonsky in that rather than improving ourselves, we should be accepting ourselves as we are. Imagine how much happier we’d be—and how much nicer we’d be to others, too—if we just took the time to love ourselves as we are. Once I was writing for a self-improvement coach’s website and I remarked, “There are so many people with their guides and plans out there to help you improve yourself—just how awful are we all that we need so much improvement?” I laughed, but she did not, naturally.

So during self-improvement month, let’s take a break from the self-help stuff (even though it can certainly be fun to do, especially if it involves art therapy) and instead try some of these activities:

10 Things to Do in an Elevator

If you don’t have anything really silly to do on your Living to Do List, it’s time to start adding goofy stuff. Life is too short to not be as silly as you can possibly, as often as you possibly can. One of the best places to be silly is in an elevator. I’m not sure why, but it seems like an elevator is a whole different world. Once you’re on—maybe because of the close circumstances, maybe because it’s a box floating in the air—you are suddenly not a part of Earth, but of the Elevator Community. Hence, it is perfectly acceptable (whether your mother thinks it is or not) to do the following.

10. Face the Back Wall

I think more and more people have done this—at least, the crazy people I know have. Once my BFF in high school and I rode the elevator up and down this way for a good half hour while we waited for her mother in the doctor’s office. Good times.