September 2010

5 Animals You Should See Soon

1. River Dolphins
The pink and mottled pink-gray river dolphin is poorly studied, and poorly understood.  Not quite as friendly or gregarious as its ocean-going cousins, the river dolphin is usually found in groups of only two or three - and often alone. 

Pink river dolphins used to be native to almost every large river on the planet.  Sadly, the river dolphins of Asia and India are extinct.  And the river dolphins of the Orinoco and Amazon rivers are heading that way. 

Although they are a protected species, the local fishermen still consider them to be rivals.  River dolphins are caught and killed out of hand, and their flesh used as bait. 

The best place to spot a pink river dolphin is at a lodge on the Yarapa River which is kept by the International Society for the Preservation of Tropical Rainforest.  


I remember hearing about geocaching ages ago, back when the military first signed off on releasing the GPS satellite network for public (i.e. non-military) use.   When I heard about geocaching, it was a silly pastime that was extremely popular with a very small sub-set of geeks.  That was ten years ago, and the sport has really grown since!

Here's the basic idea behind geocaching: I leave a small trinket in the woods.  I note the GPS coordinates, and post them online.  You come along, find the GPS coordinates, and use them to find the trinket.

Make Your Own Library

Making my own library—just like the one in Beauty and the Beast, actually—was one of my childhood dreams. There's just something about being surrounded by books. While it’s not currently on my Living to Do list, I recently saw that a friend had just completed her own for her Bucket List (as she calls it) and I thought back fondly to that library dream. While we have hundreds of books in our home, they are scattered literally in every room; I don’t think there’s a room in our house—bathroom and kitchen included—that doesn’t have at least a handful of books in it. And our laundry room/office, bedrooms, and living room all have a few hundred each, easily.