August 2011

Improve Your Handwriting

There's no dearth of newspaper and magazine articles decrying the decline in the average American's handwriting. And no shortage of old fuddy duddies willing to wring their hands over the fact that cursive is no longer part of the official curriculum at most (all?) schools. I'll tell you what, though: I bet if you clocked our national average typing speed, it's been steadily improving!
But with all the time you spend at a keyboard, do you ever cringe at your own handwriting as you scratch out a grocery list? Have you ever left a note for someone who later confessed they couldn't read a word of it? Or worse, is your bad handwriting holding back your progress with projects like creating an illustrated notebook?
Luckily, there is good news: it isn't easy, but it is definitely possible to improve your handwriting.

See the Northern Lights

We all get accustomed to the things we see around us all the time. I grew up in Alaska, so it's easy for me to sometimes forget how many people have never seen the Northern Lights (aurora borealis).
But I will say that no matter how many times you see the aurora, it's always an incredible sight. You never get cynical about it, and after a particularly spectacular display, the next day everyone's talking about it. Even the crusty old sourdough dudes with their bushy white beards and decades of cynicism will stop and watch the aurora in silent awe.