September 2011

Does God Really Test People?

(If there is, in fact, a God.)


I know a woman who lives her life as if everything is out of her control. Somehow, her upbringing prepared her for a life on the stage that is the grand drama that is Life. She will say things like, “God is testing me” when things aren’t going well. It’s her religion and her religious truth. 


My life is not like that at all, but there are times when I, too, could see myself on the stage in some kind of Greek drama or comedy of errors. But life isn’t like that; life isn’t a comedy or a drama. Unless you have entirely no sense of humor, life is both that and more. 

Perception Might Be Reality, But It Doesn't Work The The Other Way Around

Perception is reality, and when we perceive things are bad, we tend not to look at the reality.


The nation is looking back today and meditating, reflecting on the events of 9/11 and what it has come to mean for our country, our culture, and our personal lives. On the other hand, I don't feel the need to relive the events, and I don't want to feed corporate news ratings that are rehashing the entire thing to ramp up viewership. Instead I'll have a private moment of reflection, and look at how my life has transpired since those events...and I'm going to take a little advice from Louis CK, from his appearance on Conan. A lot has changed in ten years, and it might benefit some of us that have lost sight of how life used to be, and what has been lost, to appreciate what we have now. I'll start.