October 2011

My Life Report

What would you say about your life so far?

David Brooks of the New York Times recently ran a column in which he requested a life report or a kind of accounting of a person’s life. In his column, he mentioned a variety of people, many of whom who had had regrets about their own lives. Of the people who regretted their lives, many of them were people who felt stuck in dead-end jobs their entire lives or who hadn’t taken the risks they felt like they should have.

In part, here is a bit of my letter to the New York Times giving an accounting of my own life.

Recap Your Best Moments

What are the five best decisions of your adult life?

Though I'd like to think that my adult life will last much longer than the near-29 years I've notched, I saw this post on the amazing CrazyBeautiful blog and thought it was something we should all do. What are the five best decisions you’ve made in your life? How have they shaped who you are, and who you will become? Be sure to share them in the comments, or in your own post.

The five best decisions in my adult life (so far) would be...