November 2011

Partake in a Dance Party

If one of the goals on your bucket list just so happens to be “partake in dance party”, I have a story to share.

Last night I went to a club in the Pioneer District neighborhood in Seattle. I love Pioneer District. Not only is this home to the ever popular underground tour, there’s also a bustling nightlife scene as well.

It’s Not What It Is

Try to see beyond what is there

Where the hell did we come up with this stupid “It is what it is” comment that I hear coming from every other person’s mouth? Is it like “Whatever” or “Really?” or any other catchphrase that just ends up being a hip way of communicating for a temporary period? Is it some mindless attempt at Yoda speak that someone came up with to obviously state…the obvious? Whatever it is, I am sick of it. And it’s not even true.

How to Live as a Gypsy

...even if you live in the suburbs.

Stay at home moms, witchdoctors and mannys alike… if you’ve dreamt of spinning around in circles like a child in greener pastures beyond the microlawns and square inch wide backyard behind your McMansions. If you’ve imagined traveling like a gypsy or maybe just meeting some people outside your neighborhood/normal social circle (if you’ve laid awake at night itching to drive on the open road looking forward to chasing the sunset like a poet or a dreamer instead of heading to the well-worn interstate looking forward to gridlocked traffic) have I got news for you!