September 2012

Remembering to thank the people who made you who you are

It’s important to let people know that they’ve had a positive impact on your life.

As we travel through life, many things in the world affect us and determine who we will end up becoming.  Religion, politics, nature and many other outside influences shape our beliefs and goals.  But the one thing that truly changes us more than anything else is the people that we surround ourselves with.  It is through the wisdom of others and the reflection of ourselves that we see in other people’s eyes that we learn, grow and ultimately prosper.  Before death comes, it’s important to let these people know how much they’ve meant to you over the years.

The best way to learn is by trying

"Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey."

“There is only one way to learn,’ the Alchemist answered. ‘It’s through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey.’ ”

The quote above is from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. I won’t try to hide the level of my fandom. I’m obsessed with Paulo Coelho, and quite possibly have two tattoos referencing his work. Borderline stalking aside, while re-reading The Alchemist on my six-month sabbatical from the real world, this quote jumped out to me.

Learning through Failure

Attempting to tube the Arrawaddy River

Sometimes in life, we don’t achieve our goals. It isn’t always the greatest thing to experience, but it’s part of growing up, and progressing. Here is a story of a fun failure in Myanmar.

After taking a 24-hour train ride from Mandalay to Myitkyina in the north of Myanmar, my friends and I found a lot of dead ends. We heard the word "no" a lot. No there was no longer a boat from Myitkyina to Bhamo. No, we can’t go to the Minsunn Damn. No, no, no. But, no, I wasn’t frustrated.

On the List: Owning a Bar

Cause who doesn’t want to own a place where everybody knows their name?

Ever since I first turned 21 and started hitting the bars and nightclubs, I’ve always found them to be not quite up to my standards.  No matter how nice a place is, in the back of my head is always a nagging sensation that if I were in charge, it would be so much better.  Of course, I’ve never run one of these places before, so I haven’t the slightest idea if a place I put together would suck or not, but I’m reasonably sure I could turn out a pretty damn good place to hang out.  My goal, before I reach an age where having a drink will straight-up kill me, is to design and run my own bar or nightclub.