November 2012

Toys aren’t just for children

Ideas for taking advantage of every moment.

Thirty percent of a person’s life is spent waiting. Take a second for that statistic to sink in. Now let it slip away because I made that statistic up, but even with it being just a random number, a lot of time is spent waiting in each one of our lives. Maybe it’s waiting for a bus, a loved one, or rain to secede. Regardless, wouldn’t it be a grand idea to take advantage of some of this lost time?

Turning your morning commute into personal time

Consider walking, biking, carpooling or busing

Ah, the morning commuters. For some, this is the worst 15 minutes to two hours of their day. It is often spent angry, stressed and hoping that if they switch lanes one more time, the lane will magically go faster than any of the other stopped up lanes. If this resembles your commute, maybe it’s time to change up your routine and take back those wasted hours of your day.

Learning to defeat my addiction to the Internet and multi-tasking

Take small steps to focus on individual tasks.

I hate to admit it, but trying to be a writer, you know, in the age where you don’t use a typewriter, has become quite difficult. It isn’t necessarily that I lack content ideas or am missing the words I need to illustrate a thought. It is the damn compass button at the bottom of my computer that connects me to the World Wide Web.

On the List: Driving really fast!

You see them doing it in car commercials and you know you want to.

Every one of us has seen it in numerous commercials.  There’s a car (usually the one that the commercial is trying to sell) and it’s racing at top speed down some twisting highway in the middle of an amazing mountain or hill landscape. 

The car cruises effortlessly along, taking the turns as if there were a professional at the wheel (and make no mistake, there is).  Meanwhile, at the bottom of the picture is a bit of fine print that says something to the effect of “This was done on a closed road by a professional.  Do not try this on your own.”

Working at an island bar and not becoming an alchy

More running and less fruity drinks

While traveling in Asia, I’ve heard a lot of stories of people working in guest houses, restaurants and bars for room and board, as well as free booze. Most of the time, backpackers will find a place they like to stay, and to extend their trip while not wasting any cash, will exchange a few hours of work a day for the above salary. No money is exchanged, but both the business and the traveler profit from one another.  

Becoming a history buff

Knowledge of our past can tell a grasping story of what the future holds

History repeats itself. I’ve heard this many times in my life, and the more I learn about the world, the more I start to believe it. It can come in the form of interaction with friends and family, or watching governments make the same mistakes that have happened in the past. Regardless, the more I see, the more I realize that knowledge of our past can tell a grasping story of what the future holds.

While visiting Phnom Penh in Cambodia, I found out how little I knew about the nation I was visiting. Though I had a great time trekking in the north, and seeing what natural beauties the country had to offer, I knew very little about its gruesome history. I had no idea about the magnitude of the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge during the late '70s.