January is Celebration of Life Month

January is Celebration of Life Month

With so many dull and difficult resolutions in the air (dieting, quitting smoking, getting organized—all definitely important, but overwhelming just the same!) it’s no wonder that January is Celebration of Life Month. We need to remember that life isn’t all about hard work, being perfect, or suffering to “do the right thing”—yes, it involves doing your best and personal responsibility—but it’s also a celebration. Every day when we wake up, we are given the fragile gift of another 24 hours; how will your be spending yours?

This year, make it a priority to celebrate each and every day you’re given. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Mental Health Day: If you have a sick day or vacation day to use up, take it! It’s there for a reason. Many countries have more time off and shorter work weeks than the United States, which fosters happier, healthier workers. Spend the day in the tub, at the library, relaxing in your PJ’s, walking the track—do something for yourself that makes you feel good.

When You Have to Work: Sometimes we all face days where we find ourselves putting in a dozen hours or more of work. First of all, make this a rare occurrence; it’s simply not healthy to do. But when it’s unavoidable, you can still celebrate life by taking lunch at your favorite restaurant, taking a break to watch a funny video, calling a loved one for a quick but heartfelt chat, or throwing confetti on a coworker!

When You’re Sick: It can be pretty hard to celebrate life when you’re sick! If you have someone to care for you, celebrate that you have him or her—and if you don’t, at least relish in being able to lay down for a little longer. Treat yourself to some steamy soup or your favorite tea.

Everyday Celebrations: We throw parties or dinners for birthdays and holidays, so why not on regular, average days? Plan a party for yourself and your loved ones out of the blue—because it’s Tuesday, because it’s May, because you’re alive. If you really need an excuse, throw a themed party—an Oscars party in March, a First Day of Summer Party in June, etc. And “party” doesn’t have to mean an open bar with a DJ—just have friends and family over for a potluck, a nice dinner, or turn up the radio and dance together.